Below is the current list of podcast lessons available. Each lesson comes with the mp3, pdf lesson notes and a text file for use in the Mnemosyne software. Click on the links to go to the lesson or you can also download them from the itunes store. Click here to go to the iTunes preview page.

Lesson 27: An Teaghlach (The Family)
Lesson 26: Conversational Irish
Lesson 25: To give
Lesson 24: New Year Resolutions
Lesson 23: To get & to do
Lesson 22: Subject & Object Pronouns
Lesson 21: The Soldier’s Song (Amhrán na bhFiann)
Lesson 20: Possessive Pronouns with Verbs
Lesson 19: Survival Irish
Lesson 18:The preposition ‘Le’
Lesson 17:The Hail Mary
Lesson 16: Possessive Pronouns
Lesson 15: Emotions
Lesson 14: Days of the week
Lesson 13: Ages
Lesson 12: Our Father
Lesson 11: Where you work
Lesson 10: Christmas Greetings
Lesson 9: Work
Lesson 8: I have & I have not
Lesson 7: The Weather
Lesson 6: Would you like?
Lesson 5: Likes & Dislikes
Lesson 4: Time
Lesson 3: Simple Numbers
Lesson 2: Introducing Yourself
Lesson 1: Greetings

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